Graphite plates used for vacuum furnace, which is generally resistant to 2,000 degrees celsius, the other materials are not up to such a high temperature.and graphite is the most electrically conductive non-metallic minerals in the nature, its temperature can reach 30 degrees celsius temperatures, and it is the best conductive material, so it’s applied to vacuum furnace、heat treatment furnace. Ceramics can also be resistant to several thousand degrees, but the ceramics are not non-conductive, so they are just used to make protective sleeve, not the heating rods.


Graphite plates used in vacuum furnace,if they are different materials selected, its life is different, oxidation time will be also different. in general, poor material of graphite rod, after heating, the oxidation will speed and be not durable, and then the surface oxidised, it will become broken easily. so high density graphite plate is the best choice. as top graphite plates supplier, LX Graphite Manufacturing Co.,Ltd offers high purity graphite、high density graphite and high strength graphite.


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