The development of photovoltaic industry and the application of graphite is inseparable. The heating system for single crystal furnace used a large number of high purity graphite material. In the 21st Century, the photovoltaic industry has been rapidly developed. Solar battery poly silicon ingot material has made a great progress in production and the market requirements which also gave the graphite products new markets in the field of photovoltaic industry .

Graphite products which used in the single crystal furnace are all wearing part. It is composed by a variety of high purity graphite . All components and systems made from ISO graphite, high purity molded graphite may optionally be ordered to suit your own requirements.

LX provides a full range of graphite hot zone products to the Photovoltaic and Solar industry including:

Graphite Connector

Graphite Heating Element

Graphite Guide Cylinder

Graphite Crucible

Graphite Crucible Pedestal

Graphite Electrode Support

Graphite Cover Plate

Any many more…

Note:LX Graphite Hot Zone is available in different sizes upon request.