Graphite material is ideally suited for high temperature applications in vacuum atmosphere. Thanks to its physical, chemical and thermal properties. The application temperature can stand up to 2300 degree C. Also, graphite have the advantage of heating structure uniform, good performance of electrical conductivity,high current capacity,high corrosion & oxidation resistant,high degree of chemical purity and high mechanical strength.

Vacuum furnace now can used in Arc melting, Brazing, Ceramic Firing, Crystal growing, Heat Treating, MIM, CVD, CVI,Hot Pressing Laboratory research,Powder metallurgy, Purification, Debinding, Sintering and Wire annealing.

LX provides a full range of graphite Component for
Vacuum Furnace including:

1.Heating chamber
2.Heating pipes
5.Conductive rod joint parts
6.Graphite tray
7.Graphite box for sintering
8.Graphite plate
9.Electrode connectors