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Features for EDM GraphiteEDM(Electrical discharge machining) Technology is playing a more and more important role in precision mold processing. The selection of EDM electrode materials was also attracted great attention. 

Graphite is a important material to EDM because using graphite as a conductive material result. As we all know, the selections of the electrode materials are electrolytic copper, copper tungsten, silver tungsten, the traditional graphite etc. Hog in longer-lasting EDM electrodes and remove metal more quickly. However, for the comprehensive consideration of the quality, cost and efficiency, most of the mold manufacturers choose the electrolytic copper as the common electrode materials. But with the development of the industry and technology. Higher quality, lower cost and faster delivery become the constant theme among the mold- making plants. The new graphite material attracts the mold manufacturing engineers sight at a proper time, in addition, its high quality, great efficiency and the low cost also meet the engineers pursuit in a almost perfect way. 

Many engineers who are entered in to the mold processing industry earlier and contacted the graphite material had a general impression: dirty, easy to fall slag, poor machining accuracy, low efficiency, and etc. At that time, only when worse comes to worst or the demand of the mold manufacture quality is not high that people would consider it. 

However, with the upgrade of the technology, a new graphite material-isostatic graphite leaves a different impression for people. Its high strength and high density such processing characteristics can be used in extraordinary precision parts and also can be used in the process of complex shapes oversize parts. Its processing speed is amazing. This is what we saw: The isostatic graphite materials are wildly used as the electrode materials in Auto mold, household appliances and cell phone mold. The quick test of the high quality mold and quantity production for the mold factories comes true. It enhance the competitiveness of the mold manufactures.