graphite hot  zone-LX Graphite
Graphite Hot Zone-LX Graphite

The main materials of graphite crucible is crystal shape natural graphite, so it maintains the original natural properties of physical and chemical which is good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, when used in high-temperature, it has low thermal expansion coefficient. better anti-corrosive acid、alkaline,and has excellent chemical stability.graphite crucible can be divided into three categories: graphite crucible for melting copper、graphite crucible for melting copper alloy、graphite crucible for melting steel.

Graphite guide cylinder, LX Graphite is continuously improving our process technics and is the popular product of graphite hot zone. graphite guide cylinder is used for increasing the flow rate to enhance cylinder is a graphite liner inside the expansion joint compensator.

Graphite Hot  Zone-LX Graphite

Graphite Hot Zone-LX Graphite

Graphite heat shield is mainly used in single crystal furnace graphite hot zone, and a necessary part of graphite hot zone and it can be devided to top graphite heat shield、middle heat shield、bottom heat shield. graphite heat shield manufacturered by LX Graphite Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has best quality and best customer service.

Graphite Heating Element is also called graphite heater,it is part of Graphite Hot Zone.