As we know, graphite is widely applied , As technology has improved,high density, high strength, good isotropic graphite has become more and more useful, which is iso-graphite, iso-graphite is widely used in solar photovoltaic industry.

In the monocrystal or polycrystalline furnace, the most common products are graphite crucible, heating element, guide cylinder, graphite tray, heat shield an so on.

Graphite hot zone of guide cylinder

Graphite hot zone of heating element

Polycrystalline graphite sabot

Polycrystalline graphite parts

Graphite materials have excellent characteristics that other metal materials can not be replaced in solar photovoltaic industry, such as heating evenly, good earthquake-resistance,and prolong machinery  life-cycle at the same time.

Whether at home or abroad, the isostatic pressure graphite is preferable for graphite hot zone.Which is an important materials.


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